Covid 19- Support Scheme

All About Us

SK1PR was originally formed in 2017 providing casual clothing to the general public. In 2018, SK1PR was the proud sponsors of Hill United FC along with SK1PR’s sister company Ballers Sports Management Consultancy. During that season, SK1PR, sponsored Hill United in their journey which saw them reach the West Bromwich Albion Cup Final. SK1PR, proudly provided the club with tracksuits of high quality, with a classy but bold design, which definitely caught the eye. In light of Covid 19 we thought we’d come out of retirement to help grassroots clubs stay afloat.

Our beautiful game of football at grassroots level is hit harder than ever. Whilst we were meant to be seeing promotions, relegations, play offs, we are instead wondering when football will be back. Seeing clubs hit hard, with no income whatsoever for around 10 or more games, seeing clubs having to resort to organising fundraisers and are the mercy of generous donations. Being involved in football and accounting, we know how hard it will be next season. Clubs don’t have the money, businesses are going under and will likely start pulling sponsorships. In order to give back and keep the grassroots game alive we produced a proposition. We thought clubs pay thousands of pounds per season on Kit, Training Ranges (which they hardly get back when a player leaves) and match balls (which we end up with an empty bag 1/3rd into the season. In order to help we will be giving our products at cost price to help you clubs stay afloat and to maintain a healthy cashflow. We will also offer a sponsorship package which you can read about further down.